Our History

Lutheran Towers is the only faith-based senior community of its kind in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Our senior community was founded more than four decades ago with the overarching goal to provide moderate income seniors with affordable, safe, and secure housing in a caring and professional environment.

  • 1960’s

    In the late 1960’s, Senior Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, the late Reverend Dr. Robert E. Lee’s dream to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for low and moderate income seniors in the Midtown Atlanta, Georgia became a reality.

    In June of 1969, the R.L.C Corporation (doing business as Lutheran Towers) was established and designated the first members of its, governing body, board of directors.

  • 1970’s

    On July 27, 1970, Redeemer congregation transferred ownership of its property located at 727 Juniper Street to the R.L.C Corporation, which led to the partnership with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under Section 2020/236, Section 8 program to finance and build HUD subsidized housing for low income seniors. The property that became 727 Juniper Street ( also known as Lutheran Towers) was assembled from the following pieces of Property: a Redeemer-owned day school/nursery; an old Tudor home of a local physician; and an old wooden “termite-infested” former church.

    1971 – On April 25th, Lutheran Towers’ groundbreaking took place.

    1972 - In April, Lutheran Towers’ first residents moved into our building. The dedication of our apartment building took place on October 8, 1972.

    For the first 32 years, the following individuals served as Lutheran Towers’ Executive Director: Charles Rizzo, Tom Leppenan, and Mark Lee (son of the founder, Dr. Robert E. Lee)

  • 2000’s

    The 2000’s marked the era of transformation for Lutheran Towers, as building renovation occurred routinely, new collaborations were established, and the service offerings to residents expanded.

    2004 - G. David Sprowl, MPA became Lutheran Towers fourth Executive Director

    2004 - Lutheran Towers completed the first phase of the hallway renovations which included replacing the wallpaper, carpet and adding fresh paint to five floors.

    Thanks to the generous donations from Redeemer Lutheran Church members and others in the community, Lutheran Towers was able to furnish the elevator lobbies on all fourteen residential floors. The furnishings include two chairs, a console, a mirror, and a floral arrangement. The results were well-received and appreciated by the residents.

    In May, as a continued effort to focus on the quality of life for our residents, we held our first Health Fair. The forty (40) health related vendors included medical supply companies, home health care, and associations such as the American Cancer Society. In addition, the Atlanta Medical Center and Grady Hospital screened our residents for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar. This event was our entry into the area hosting activities to enhance our residents’ health and well-being.

    2005 – A Development Committee was created to oversee and direct all fundraising activities.
    Phase I of the hallway renovations was completed. Lutheran Towers began the renovation of Lee Hall and the adjacent garden. The central feature of the new garden was the installation of a beautiful fountain in memory of Pastor Robert E. Lee, the founder of Lutheran Towers.

    2006 - Lutheran Towers completed the renovation of Lee Hall, the garden, the kitchen, and adjacent storage room. Both phase II and phase III of the hallway renovations were completed.

    The 35th Anniversary of the ground-breaking of Lutheran Towers was celebrated with a luncheon hosted by the Board of Directors in honor of the founding board members.
    The Board of Directors in conjunction with the Development Committee launched an Annual Fund.

    2011 - To continue meeting our mission and preparing for the future, Lutheran Towers successfully refinanced its mortgage. The proceeds were used to begin the renovation of the bathrooms and kitchens in each of the resident apartments.

    2012 – April 20th Lutheran Towers 40th Anniversary celebration

    2017 - Nichelle Mitchem, Esq. became Lutheran Towers’ 5th Executive Director.

    2018 – Lutheran Towers continued to flourish by expanding our community partnerships, growing our service offerings to include expanded hours as well as more varied services, and establishing free resident food programs.

    • Lifelong Learning Center and Game Room Center were created
    • Established partnership with Resurgia in order increase our residents’ access to comprehensive healthcare in the comfort of their home or in Lutheran Towers’ on-site Wellness Center.
    • Lutheran Towers conducted a resident needs assessment which highlighted that due to their extremely low retirement incomes that over 90% of Lutheran Towers’ residents are food insecure which means that they exhaust their food and funds to purchase food before the month’s end. Upon this discovery;
    • Established partnership with USDA to increase our residents’ access to free food each month. USDA provides 30 residents with a commodity box.
    • Established a Food Reclamation Program in partnership with Redeemer Lutheran Church which affords Lutheran Towers an opportunity to conduct a free weekly food market for our residents.
    • Residents free Thanksgiving Day Brunch established

    2019 - We look to our future by appreciating and building upon our past. These actions allow the building to remain a desirable housing option for lower-income seniors in the Midtown area.

    • 1st Floor Renovation Completed: Fellowship Hall/Lee Hall, Bistro, Commercial Kitchen, and garden.
    • In response to the findings of the 2018 Residents’ Needs Assessment, Lutheran Towers launched several free feeding programs for our residents.
    • Established partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank to create a free food pantry on-site for our residents.
    • Established Project Hope Older People Eat Healthier (HOPE) which is a monthly free fruit and vegetable program
    • Established Food Pantry
    • Established Free Thanksgiving and Christmas Grocery-Giveaway for Residents
    • Established Free Thanksgiving Day Brunch for Residents
    • Established Free Christmas Day Brunch for Residents

    2020 – At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, established partnerships with Fulton Community Senior Services and Redeemer Lutheran Church to launch an on-site free Monday through Friday lunch program for 65 of our most vulnerable residents.

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